Thursday, October 13, 2011

While the World Sleeps

Time to put one of my runescraft projects to work.

While I was with Vassago, one of the things he had me do was create an old weapon of the demons', but one that hasn't seen use for millennia.  Quite simply, it's a form of stealth-genocide.  It puts all those who have had no part in creating it to sleep, and then separates all of the targeted race into their base components, again, with the exception of those who helped craft it.  In other words, worldwide blackout, genocidal vaporization, blackout lifted.  Vassago said, however, that it was interestingly specific, as it literally only targets that race.  For example, there was once a race of humans, then called the Vankyron, located around modern-day Sweden.  For an undisclosed reason, a demon prince decided they all had to die.  He used this runeset to destroy them all.  Only that race, and no others.  This includes people who only had Vankyron ancestors, but it didn't kill all of them, just the parts with Vankyron blood.  Some of the first zombie myths were created that way.

That said, Vassago had me craft one such runeset, made to annihilate a species of angler fish that humans haven't discovered yet.  Boom.  Gone.  No trace, just floating molecules in the ocean.  The one I've made now targets Slender-style Breaks, but I have it as a kind of red button safety measure, seeing as a few of our number have Slender-aspects.  The runeset is hidden away, too, and the activator is on my person, kind of a dead-man's switch.  Not that I have to die to activate it, but still.  Boom.  After this I might make a Rake-style one, too, but there's something bothering me about them.  If any of you have read about the Dancer, you know what I mean.

In other news, Lucia's fine, she doesn't even know I'm typing this or that I even made those runes.  I'm only saying it now and on here so that everyone's on the same page, and to be honest with Lucia.  I'll direct her to this page after I post it, and she'll probably post after the commencing beating.  Ah well, such is the price of building WMDs while in bullet time.


A. Lucia Cat said...

Dear fuckin' god, Clarky. Dare I say it, you've taken a level in badass.

Nathan Umbra said...

Make a killswitch for Fears too. Deimos has agreed that we need to kill any major threats to humanity, even if it means making a few sacrifices.

We're both willing to let it happen.


Clark, what do you think of my theory?

Clark said...

Nathan: Done. Turns out it's easy to remake others like it after you've made one.

Prophet: I've thought on it before, but it is basically impossible. The differences between the Slender-type Breaks and the Rake-types, along with the other types, suggests that they are all different beings. Of course, I can test this by annihilating all Rake-types to see if all Breaks vanish or just Rake-types.

Clark said...

And Lu, thanks.


Clark, i meant that this only holds true for the pure-form Slender-type breaks. Nothing to do with Rake-types. And nothing to do with ///It/// Or Other Operator.

I don't know how Oliver might be tied into it.