Saturday, October 29, 2011

A New Home

Well, I can reliably say that Lucia is going to be asleep for a while, for reasons I will not say here, so I may as well detail the next Project I'm going to reveal to Lucia, and the one I'm abandoning now.

Do not worry, for Project Foster is nothing like Lumen, and infinitely less dangerous.  It is a house, and hopefully a home, for Tony, Lucia, Dairam, and I to move into.  Call it a selfish change of scenery on my part, but also something so that we all collectively have more room, and more proper facilities for us all.  I won't even endeavor to describe it, really.  But I can safely say that it is the safest we can be.  Unfortunately, I can only make one, seeing as the creator must be one of the residents.  However, it is mobile, and exists as a pocket of space, so it only appears as a door on the outside.  One that can be shrunk down to pocket size at my will.  We can set out of here at a moment's notice.

The Project I am abandoning now is Project Skooma.  It was a conceptual glyph I was attempting ot make for Dairam that would allow him to alter his relation with time, like me.  There was a heavy drawback to the glyph variety that doesn't seem to exist with me, however.  The bobcat I tested it on died today, of old age.  It was healthy, and had just turned one year old when I applied the glyph.  Observing it, it had only spent enough time in accelerated speed to bring its effective age to one year and a half.  Bobcats live to ten years of age.  I cannot say that my glyphs were flawless in their crafting, but such a gross malfunction seems to show that my understanding of my own ability is insufficient to recreate it.  I will not be attempting to create one again.


Clark said...

Okay, it shouldn't be that funny, but Lu hurt herself on the toilet! XD Pretty sure she tried to move one of the glyphs on it that makes it self-cleaning. >.> Lu, when you see this, remember? Don't mess with Clark's runes. It ends badly. Or in your case, vertically! *runs the fuck way*

-Yeah, Clark. It's totally Clark saying this, not Tony.

Clark said...

...Tony, get an account.

A. Lucia Cat said...

....I'mma fuckin' mirk you, Tony. So help me god when I find you I'm gonna shove your head so far up your ass it'll come out of your mouth again.

Clark said...