Saturday, March 3, 2012

Discount Holiday Candy

More than one post in a single year / week.  That's new.

It's amazing the things that can change what we are thinking of.  In this case, it was a box of discounted Valentine's chocolates.  It made me remember how happy I was back then, happy just to know that there was someone who cared and that I could care for.  Obviously, it wasn't meant to be, and never will be, it seems.

Come to think of it, I can really be perfectly candid here, now, as I doubt anyone still reads this.  Perhaps a few years from now I can look at this and laugh at what a fool I sound like.

I miss her.  Every moment of every instant that I'm flashing by the world I miss her.   I can't think of anything really more to say about it than that.  I just know that I was happy with the life we had, precarious as it was.  I've considered trying to meet them, but that's unlikely to work for a few reasons.  One, I don't know where any of my housemates are anymore, and two, I doubt Lu would be exactly enthusiastic to see me.

As for news that isn't me whining about an unfair youth, very little aside from my still being in possession of the bastard cane from bastard Zwei.

Amazing, how I live so fast compared to normal people, yet so little is worth putting to words.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I did a few things with my old Tarot decks for the first time in what to me has been years.  It's interesting, seeing what kids of trick shuffles you can do hen everything moves so slow.  I've barely even touched these since that last one I did.  I suppose I... saw something I shouldn't have, or somesuch...  But now I don't even know what I'm supposed to see.  Lost my touch, I suppose.  I need to move on, I suppose.  It's hard to move anymore without cheating and using magic.

Oh, one more thing.  I had another dream last time I slept, which wouldn't be odd, but I only have dreams every few years anymore.  It was some monster like that slender man, but he had a face.  An unnaturally wide smile, and just one eye, with skin that looked like it's been dead for a while.  Nothing particularly off, I suppose, but I was somewhat expecting a lack of a face, rather than that nightmare...

I should go...