Monday, October 31, 2011

Another Video For Your Viewing Displeasure

So, Zwei has seen fit to pester me again.  I am tired right now, but I will post something proper in time.  I was woken by my email alert to find this, sent from a disposable email address.  I will upload it now in case something happens to it.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I believe that I found out, after all these years, what caused the car crash that killed my parents, and crippled me.  Why my mother was screaming in fear several seconds before the crash.  Why my father swerved off the road.

They had all seen Ola'asu in the middle of the road.  He caused it all...

Craving Answers

We still haven't done more than tour the pocket home, but Lucia was ecstatic upon seeing it.

I'm only awake right now because of a nightmare I had.  It was the night I lost my parents in the same, horrifying detail as when it happened.  My mother screaming in fear before anything happened, my father shouting and swerving to the right, the car being shredded to pieces, and my legs ceasing to feel at all.  I think I may go for a little bit of self exploration in my dreams.  Something like Tom Riddle's journal, but more for my own curiosity. I will attempt to communicate what I find after I wake up.  Lucia, because I know you'll read this, just expect me to wake up around noon.  I haven't slept very soundly.  I hope that examining that dream will help it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A New Home

Well, I can reliably say that Lucia is going to be asleep for a while, for reasons I will not say here, so I may as well detail the next Project I'm going to reveal to Lucia, and the one I'm abandoning now.

Do not worry, for Project Foster is nothing like Lumen, and infinitely less dangerous.  It is a house, and hopefully a home, for Tony, Lucia, Dairam, and I to move into.  Call it a selfish change of scenery on my part, but also something so that we all collectively have more room, and more proper facilities for us all.  I won't even endeavor to describe it, really.  But I can safely say that it is the safest we can be.  Unfortunately, I can only make one, seeing as the creator must be one of the residents.  However, it is mobile, and exists as a pocket of space, so it only appears as a door on the outside.  One that can be shrunk down to pocket size at my will.  We can set out of here at a moment's notice.

The Project I am abandoning now is Project Skooma.  It was a conceptual glyph I was attempting ot make for Dairam that would allow him to alter his relation with time, like me.  There was a heavy drawback to the glyph variety that doesn't seem to exist with me, however.  The bobcat I tested it on died today, of old age.  It was healthy, and had just turned one year old when I applied the glyph.  Observing it, it had only spent enough time in accelerated speed to bring its effective age to one year and a half.  Bobcats live to ten years of age.  I cannot say that my glyphs were flawless in their crafting, but such a gross malfunction seems to show that my understanding of my own ability is insufficient to recreate it.  I will not be attempting to create one again.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Notes on Terror

After the successful fiasco that was Project Lumen, I've had time to recover from what Lucia insists on calling, and I quote, my "entirely fucked up, out there BSOD."  Now, it is time to do a collective profile of what is commonly known as the Slender Man, based on my own observations and findings.

First off, back when I first met him (taking into account my collective year and a half in accelerated time) he introduced himself as Ola'asu, a name bearing a strong resemblance to H.P. Lovecraft's monsters, although this is only a loose comparison.

Secondly, in meeting him, I noticed that he lacks a mature sense of humor, along with many other 'mature' traits, acting something like an eight year old.  This is especially present in his always revealing his presence to his target instead of killing them before they can report anything.  While these reports may be the exception to the rule, there is still the noticeable number of revelations prior to any hostile action that shows in all these accounts.  These indicate an interesting desire to be noticed and seen, despite the fact that this limits his mobility (more on that later).

Now, I'm not the first to propose that Ola'asu might have an infantile or childish mind, but that is not without reason.  Ola'asu is known for his removal and haphazard replacement of victim's internal organs, much akin to a child pulling legs and wings off of insects.  However, he also demonstrates an adult or, sometimes, above-human capacity to predict behavior and other psychological results that are normally too chaotic to reliably predict.  Take note of how he broke down Damien here:  by assaulting his normally rational and logical outlook (even incorporating his insanity, his 'Damien' aspect was an anchor, so to speak) with irregular information, sometimes falling directly into the common mold of his abilities, and sometimes directly contradicting it, such as teleporting in plain sight.  This was likely a deliberate trick to break apart what sanity Damien had, possibly utilizing blackouts to achieve the effect.

Third, I will list off what I know / can confirm of his physical attributes.  The most obvious are, of course, his appearance as a disproportionally skinny, bald, and tall man with no visible facial features and extremely pale skin, dressed in a business suit, black pants and jacket with white shirt, matching his head.  He is able to alter his body proportions at will from nearly-human to somewhere around telephone pole-height, with only his head and the white shirt portions of his body maintaining their size.  He mainly stretches lengthwise (his body gets longer, not broader).  He can also, at will, sprout and undefined (yet symmetrical) amount of tendrils from his torso's side and back, as well as converting his arms into such tendrils.  An interesting thing to note is that in most cases, Ola'asu's business jacket also extends to an wraps around his hands, glove-like, and also accommodates the tendrils from both his torso and arms, yet I know for a fact that it is an otherwise ordinary suit jacket.  Ola'asu has never, to my knowledge, changed his legs into tendrils, though, for reasons I can only speculate at.

Along with his bodily manipulation, he is capable of supernatural acts.  Ola'asu is most noted for his ability to move at near-infinite speeds when nothing is making visual contact with him, even (as I've recently confirmed) in indirect ways, such as his shadow.  The threshold for this, however, seems to be limited.  For example, blinking has never presented an opportunity for Ola'asu to appear, but turning around from a window you had just seen him through can.  He is also shown as capable of causing humans to go unconscious, seemingly at will, however, he rarely utilizes this, possibly due to some limitation I cannot arrive to at the moment.  While unconscious, the person can be forced to act under Ola'asu's orders, or simply left incapacitated, usually with no recollection of events afterward.  It is entirely possible that most proxies are simply blacked-out humans under his influence.

Ola'asu has also been known to cause a unique illness in people who have been subjected to his presence for an extended period of time (not necessarily all at once).  The symptoms usually involve coughing of increasing severity over time, and of increasing debilitation as Ola'asu gets closer (for example, an affected person will get a gradually worse cough from Ola'asu's presence from 20 ft. away, but anyone with any severity of the illness will instantly have a racking coughing fit, forcing them to their knees, any time Ola'asu comes close to them, though the initial coughing symptoms still need to be present.), as well as a constant chilly sensation.

Ola'asu also seems to be able to obfuscate himself from view.  That is, he does not become invisible, or even blend in.  He simply fades from notice, but in such a way that one must have seen him by 'accident' to see him at all.  For example, someone who had never heard of the Slender Man stories might think they saw a tall, bald, pale man in the grocery store, but that does not mean they will see Ola'asu himself as he is.  However, someone who has watched all the Entries of Marble Hornets might see the same figure and see it as Ola'asu, and unfortunately be entirely correct.

Then there is his interference with electronics.  Any electronic device that takes a live video feed or creates sound is prone to distorting in Ola'asu's presence, possibly due to the same effect that causes the sickness in humans.  Note that I specifically said 'live video feed', as still shots come out with no distortion beyond the shot's own blurriness, while videos viewed after the fact or even video viewed as it is being recorded all distort drastically.  This leads to my thought that Ola'asu emits a low-frequency radiation, showing in electronic A/V feed as distortion and in humans as mild radiation sickness or cancer.  However, the two could be unrelated, and the video distortion is a deliberate attempt to destroy one of the eyes holding him in place, with the audio distortion as a side-effect (or, knowing evolution, it could be both, the radiation serving to disrupt digital eyes and debilitate biological foes).

Finally, the Operator Symbol.  My initial thought upon seeing it was "the Celtic cross" which is formed as a plus inside a circle, instead of an 'X'.  This train of thought did, however, lead to an interesting discovery.  The Operator Symbol has been used in astronomy since astronomy was first made into a science.  The symbol for the Earth is the aforementioned Celtic cross, while the same sybol turned 45 degrees is the symbol for Earth, with its axis turned 45 degrees:
This symbol seems to have an almost runic power to it, where it's function is to affect Ola'asu's distance to it, and its actual effect is determined by the intent of the drawer, but not in as straightforward a way as normal runes.  For example, it has been known to both summon and repel him, while being intended to repel.  However, without knowing for sure what was intended by the writers, there is no way to know how to produce either effect consistently.  It has also been known to be carved by Ola'asu himself, seemingly to neither effect, simply serving as his calling card of sorts.  There are reliable ways of summoning him, however, such as doing something specifically to irk his immature aspect, such as playing the $20 song as loud as possible in direct defiance of him (See also: Project Lumen), however the point is much more in finding reliable ways to repel him.  Very few things are found to work consistently, assuming they work at all, such as Damien's bone.  It seemed to work to repel Ola'asu, but he was just as prone to pick it up as flee from it, as detailed in the link above.

The next topic is that of what will simply be called Fear, the creature of sorts residing in Lucia's mind.  All I know for sure is that its ability with runes stretches beyond everything I know about them.  To my knowledge, it shouldn't be possible for an outside person to modify a runeset and it still be able to be used as-redesigned by the original creator, much less in an instant, however, while I attempted to examine the beat itself, it modified the runes I was using to look into Lucia's mind into farces of runes that spewed sizzling bacon everywhere.  This tells me three things about Fear:  One, it exists on the exact same level as runes, that is, a physical manifestation of an abstract concept, only existing due to being created, and only being created to invoke the concept it represents.  Two, it has a sense of humor comparable to a four year old.  Three, it is capable of sending me into rages more capable than all the militarized runes I keep in storage combined.

That said, I have spoken for long enough, and I am not as used to these long-winded posts as Lucia is, so I will end this in a somewhat cheerful way with a video of the opening to my favorite series in the years before the crash.  Hopefully it isn't too out of place here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Revelations

Alright, I'm about to go get Lu, and hopefully she won't have a chance to read this until after I get her.

First off, exactly what Project Requiem is.  It's a gift for Lucia, an idea that came to me when I happened to glance at the url name of her blog.  For those who can't or won't look, it's "ax crazy sax".  So I had a bit of fun with metal and runes and more than a little craziness and produced a perfectly functional, extremely deadly saxophone-axe hybrid, or as I cal it, the Battlesax.  I hope she likes it.

Next off, and perhaps more direly, Project Lumen.  It has bee known for a time that Ola'asu is bound by being seen, either by human eyes or cameras.  Now, it is common knowledge that vision is light, more or less.  Without light, there is no vision, and when light changes, so does vision.  This led to a theory, and one that has not been tested or even thought of, to my knowledge.  Is he bound by his shadows, too?  Being that seeing his shadow is, in a way, seeing him.  However, safety is a priority, so I will make sure that Ola'asu can be 'seen' at all times.  I will do this by first encircling the house in a physical barrier, one that keeps objects and light from crossing.  Then I will deploy an array of light glyphs, strategically placed so that if anything foreign, in this case, Ola'asu, is present within the dome, its shadow will be cast within view of one of the windows in the living space.  The safety seals on the house will remain, as always.  Then, I will summon him.  I won't say how, however, for obvious reasons.  The whole experiment, assuming it works, will last until the runes die off in around six hours.  I am aware that this endeavor sounds insane, and as though I am risking Tony and Lucia's lives, but I am not.  If my theory is right, Ola'asu should not be able to appear in the house, and if it isn't, then I might be able to fight him off, or that failing, get us all to safety.  We won't be at risk.  That was my highest priority.  I'm sorry Lucia, for not telling you this, but I know you would have tried to stop me, and we simply must know about this thing to kill it.

O lizu wie miru shaun wie cielk rniw.

Good Clothes, Good Music

A little preview of how I'm going to welcome Lu back home.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pr▓▓▓ct ▓▓p▓▓t 4

Pro▓ect L▓▓▓n:  ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

Projec▓▓Foster▓  ▓▓▓▓▓capable of▓▓▓▓▓standing the worst ▓ can throw at it.

Project Prom▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓immediate death.

Project Sk▓▓▓a:▓▓▓▓▓▓▓m should be long-lasti▓▓▓▓▓▓Project Requiem▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓last it!

P▓o▓ec▓To▓e:  Returned to Engli▓▓▓▓▓eech after ▓reviou▓▓▓▓▓s.

▓lf-re▓o▓▓▓ Have no▓i▓ed ▓ommen▓▓ on my ▓▓▓▓▓▓whi▓▓▓▓eems to be fri▓▓▓▓ening somehow.  ▓▓rrently ▓▓▓erimenting with different methods of ▓▓▓▓ to fi▓▓▓▓at.

Sunday, October 23, 2011











Phrictus Ruphirs Shruu

Phritucs Lemun: Cimphlusu, omphrizuk in. Hu woll nis rniw whaus hos hom.

Phritucs Fissur: Sussuk hursinaullw. Ulsrumulw cimfirsaullu aunk leleroies.

Phritucs Phrimushues: Suss seltucs os lofuluss, les auphphuaurs si lu cauphaullu. Tess nuuk si fonosh shu sphaurr if lofu.

Phritucs Sriimau: Ssoll Ruaukw. Shaus caus woll lu fauss aus shu wonk.

Phritucs Runeoum: Aulsilesulw lizulw. Shu aul phaurs jozus au cluaun slocu, wholu shu onssremuns phaurs sienks loru huauzu.

Phritucs Simu: Jionj ulsrumulw wull, les O aum ssaursonj si shonr on shu launjeaujus O aum rucirkonj on. Hiphufellw shos kiusn's auffucs shu llij.

Sulf Ruphirs: Ausoku frim shonronj on ishur launjeaujus, O hauzu shu hejuss linur fir Lecoau rojhs niw.

Project Report 2

Project Lumen:  Complete.  Ready to deploy when Lu returns.

Project Foster:  Tested on the small scale.  Used a miniature Prometheus to test.  Adding finishing touches to full-scale. Will use when Lu returns.

Project Prometheus:  Small scale, non-vocal version worked without flaws, moving on for full-scale, audible variant.

Project Skooma:  Tested.  Confirmed working.  Can perform on Lu's return.

Project Requiem:  Perfected.  Tested in silenced study.  Capable of cutting through low-strength shield rune without problem.  Can finish on Lu's return.

Self-report:  Feeling better.  Miss Lu even more.  Have severed my connection to the Voodoo doll, as it occurred to me that the connection could be abused.  Won't destroy it, however, as Lu likes it.  Realized how much shelf space could be saved if I turned all my tomes into ebooks.  Will begin immediately.

Project Report 1

Project Lumen:  48 of 50 glyphs complete, X glyph ready to deploy.

Project Foster:  Glyphs halfway done, might be able to expand with time.

Project Prometheus:  Possible, must test.  Will use in conjunction with Foster.

Project Skooma:  Unsure.  Need to test on another of the same species.

Project Requiem:  Almost complete, needs fine-tuned.

Self-report:  Extremely tired.  Need to sleep soon.  Missing Lulu.  Hope she likes Requiem.  Feel like hurting Tony for no reason.  May send him to get test subject for Skooma.  Eyes losing focus.  Feeling nauseous.  Will sleep, then return to Lumen.  Considering remaking X glyph to Hornet option.

Hephaestus and Apollo

Okay, Clark's asking me to put up a post for him.  There's something scary about someone coming out of the study looking like Masky.  Apparently he's been in bullet-time since Lucia left, working.  Seriously, he has shadows all around his eyes.  So, Lu's gone up to PA again for a few days to make it seem like she's still alive to ye olde normals,  and Clark says his eyes feel like they're melting.

So basically what he has to say:  Don't be concerned if I'm not commentinf these next few days, I'm going to be busy working n bullet-time and what I'm working on required my full attention ang planning, but I expect quite a lot of good to come of it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Gah Christ...   Lu's stared crying, and Clark's with her trying to comfort her.  Jeez, I thought this was gonna happen sooner or later...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The King in Yellow

I am going to post presently my account of what happened during my time in Vassago's tutelage in more completeness than before, followed by my summary of events afterward.

During my time under Vassago, as I stated before, I learned much about runecraft, but I have covered that already.

I am here to tell of the other things I was told.  For example, Vassago foresaw and informed me of Nathan's traitorous ways, as well as his plan.  It was for this reason that I urged various of you to choose the one of us you trusted most, but a showdown never had to occur.  Nathan was possessed by a spirit, which evicted his soul from his body, but allowed me to take the foreign spirit and his body into a portal to Hell.

Lucia is with me currently and for the foreseeable future.  The intention for this was to examine a being called the manticore supposedly within her, but for reasons Lucia will explain on her blog, that couldn't happen.

And now, just today, Phobos sent me Nathan's journal, after photocopying it.  The reason for this was that Nathan's original spirit seemed to be bound to it.  It was, simply said, and Nathan's spirit is now in hell and Phobos got to take a trip down there to torment him.  He actually managed to impress Malphas enough that he sent back what I can only call a were-cat/dog hybrid.  The only drawback to it is that it tends to attempt to have sex with everything.

Lucia seems to be typing now, I think I'll go distract her.  Good night.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A time of subtlety

I think I'm going to drop some of my more flashy glyphs for a bit.  It seems to be a bit much recently.  Lucia's still sleeping off jet lag with an pillow enchanted so she doesn't have to deal with any dreams.  Once she wakes up we're going to do some examinations with glyphs.  See what we can determine about the Fear Ryan mentioned.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shiva's Arms

Alright, I have some time to update here, so I will.  I think it's time to elaborate on the things I learned and the abilities I gained during my time with Vassago.

First off, the reason I entered Vassago's tutelage, the runecraft.  Some basic thing about runecraft, first, I think.  First off, the things I already knew.  Runes are basically writing enforcing a person's will, but there is one thing that makes it so you can't just write down "Explodes when someone touches it" on a rock and it works as described.  Only certain alphabets function in runecraft, specifically ones passed on from gods.  In other words, the speech of the gods , which already carried immense power, continues to in runes.

That said, the runes' function is determined by two things.  The first is what is written.  For example, a textbook explosive rune would read as something similar to "round fire wind".  The other determining factor is the intent behind the rune.  The "round fire wind" runeset could be used for an explosion, or as a circular wall of flame, all depending on how the runecrafter wants the glyph to function.

Part of the rune's strength and longevity is in how it is written.  A sharpie-on-paper runeset might be quick, but it will not last long, nor will it be particularly strong.  A rune carved into solid diamond, however, will last neigh-forever, and be extremely potent.

Another point to make is that runes don't last forever.  The willpower the crafter put into them eventually wears out, much like a battery.  Thus, some runes, like a durable explosion rune, must be recharged after each use.  This can come in handy with the "round fire wind" runeset, because you can change the usage each time you charge it.

One perceived weakness of runes is that most of them, unless otherwise crafted, glow.  This is a misconception in many cases.  Runes that cause a direct physical effect, such as wings, appendages, and elevators (I've been having fun the last few days), function better when glowing, the light serving as a radiant force.  Glowing glyphs also have the advantage of not having to be set on a solid object, the light serving as its own medium.

Something else to take into account is that simple glyphs can be effective, but more complex ones can be even more so, but even more important, complex ones can be safer.  The difference between "explode on contact" and "explode on contact with living being" is huge.  Crafting at one symbol a minute, the explode on contact takes about an hour, while the contact with living creature glyph would take about a day of nonstop carving.  If you were to be as specific as "explode on contact with human being," you're looking at about a week.  I won't even get into specific people.

As far as charging / recharging goes, the benchmark for time is around one second per letter, but that can change with the crafter's willpower.  Additionally, it can only be charged with someone who had a hand in carving it.  If it is charged by someone who didn't carve any of it, the glyph rejects the will, resulting in what could be functionally called feedback.  For an idea as to what the feedback would feel like, put a very loud, very high-pitched klaxon on your mp3 player, set it to loop, and stare into a strobe light for an hour while listening to it.

Even more interesting is if a glyph is charged by one of its crafters, but charged with an incorrect intention.  The glyph accepts the will, and interprets the will as best as possible in the context of the writing.  If I were to take my "round fire wind" glyph and charge it with the intention of "pour water," the result would be something along the lines of a sprinkler.  Spraying lava. It's a handy way to trip up other runecrafters, providing it doesn't (sometimes literally) backfire.  Messing with alternate interpretations should be approached in the same way as a literal djinn, not at all, under any circumstances, ever.

That's all I can think of for now, so I will comment on the most interesting side effect of my trip to Hell.  I noted before how my perception of time was roughly fifty-two times the speed of reality at large, meaning I lived a year in the space of a week.  This perception of time, or rather, the ability to shift into it, stayed with me when I returned.  I have retained the ability to enter bullet-time.  This comes in extremely handy when I am crafting, as I can carve a week-long rune in approximately three and a half hours.

Also, I have wings.  Glowing, rune-y, angelic wings.  I love them.  So does Lucia.

Life is good.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

While the World Sleeps

Time to put one of my runescraft projects to work.

While I was with Vassago, one of the things he had me do was create an old weapon of the demons', but one that hasn't seen use for millennia.  Quite simply, it's a form of stealth-genocide.  It puts all those who have had no part in creating it to sleep, and then separates all of the targeted race into their base components, again, with the exception of those who helped craft it.  In other words, worldwide blackout, genocidal vaporization, blackout lifted.  Vassago said, however, that it was interestingly specific, as it literally only targets that race.  For example, there was once a race of humans, then called the Vankyron, located around modern-day Sweden.  For an undisclosed reason, a demon prince decided they all had to die.  He used this runeset to destroy them all.  Only that race, and no others.  This includes people who only had Vankyron ancestors, but it didn't kill all of them, just the parts with Vankyron blood.  Some of the first zombie myths were created that way.

That said, Vassago had me craft one such runeset, made to annihilate a species of angler fish that humans haven't discovered yet.  Boom.  Gone.  No trace, just floating molecules in the ocean.  The one I've made now targets Slender-style Breaks, but I have it as a kind of red button safety measure, seeing as a few of our number have Slender-aspects.  The runeset is hidden away, too, and the activator is on my person, kind of a dead-man's switch.  Not that I have to die to activate it, but still.  Boom.  After this I might make a Rake-style one, too, but there's something bothering me about them.  If any of you have read about the Dancer, you know what I mean.

In other news, Lucia's fine, she doesn't even know I'm typing this or that I even made those runes.  I'm only saying it now and on here so that everyone's on the same page, and to be honest with Lucia.  I'll direct her to this page after I post it, and she'll probably post after the commencing beating.  Ah well, such is the price of building WMDs while in bullet time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Methuseleh's Week

This last week has been long for me.  Really long.  As in it was a year's worth of time for me.  I should explain in more detail.

Wednesday, October fifth, I decided to enact a summoning that I haven't tried for several years.  One from the Ars Goeatia, Solomon's book of demons.  I did my research thoroughly, of course, and chose to contact a benevolent spirit by the name Vassago.  The main difference between then and now, I succeeded this time.  For you all, it's been a week.  For me, it's been a year since then.  Fifty-two weeks of the most grueling and successful training in runecraft I have ever experienced.  You see, Vassago is a demon who teaches lost knowledge, the happenings of the past, and those things to come.  I asked him to take me under his tutelage, which he did, and I learned many things, among them runecraft that makes my old work look plain shoddy by comparison.  I think Vassago took a liking to me, too, because he taught me some demon's tricks.  I don't have to make runes over the course of days or weeks now, for example.

Now, from my quick browsing of Lucia's blog's comments, I can see that my absence has caused quite a stir, particularly with Zwei 'babysitting' me all week, but honestly, I didn't feel any of the cuts he gave me.  Training in Hell really does a lot to dull the pain your body is feeling.  Of course, One thing I felt a lot while I was there was the doll, me, being hugged.  It was almost all that kept me sane in there.  Lucia kept me sane in there, and while I was gallivanting about with a demonic tutor, she completely broke down.  She was there for me, but I couldn't do a thing.  I can hear her in the next room over with Tony, now.

None of you need to worry.  In fact, Vassago was kind enough to do what no one was able to do, or promise to be able to try.  He healed my legs.  I am able to walk normally again.  In fact, I'm capable of a lot of things I wasn't before.  But for now, I'll end this with a few words.

Nathan, there is no need for you to come by, I am fine, and I will be speaking with you shortly.

Everyone else, it will be in your best interest to quickly decide which of us, Nathan or I, you trust more and move to a position close by to them.  A battle will erupt soon, and those caught aimless in the middle aren't going to survive.

And finally, Lucia.  I'm back.  The door is unlocked.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Solomon's Opus

For all my study in occultism, I have yet to return to my old failure.  The Ars Goetia.  I had attempted some summons years ago, to no avail.  Now, what with my recent successes, I think I will try again.  Tony, I apologize, but I will be locking my self in.  I don't know when I will be back.

Speaking Babel

I'm not sure how to explain my morning thus far, but  think murdering Tony is in store for the day, as soon as I untangle myself.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baccnalia, Part II

I don't understand how those two could wake up from that and not even have a headache.  And then keep drinking.  Tony is currently passed out on the couch, and there's only one bed in the house.  I offered to sleep in a chair, but Lucia isn't having it.  By her reasoning, I'm still mostly crippled below the belt, so there's no threat there.  So much for my pride.  Time to turn in, right after I make sure nobody took one of my experimental bottles of  glyph liquor.

Edit- Figures.  A bottle's missing.  That stuff is basically 400 proof vodka, and yes, I am aware that means it is 200% alcohol.


Well, as I stated in my previous post, I was released early from the hospital, due to having a stationary lifestyle anyway.  But now that the painkillers and such are cleared of my system, I can realize something.  The wounds I had are gone.  Holes literally the size of golf balls, disappeared.  And that's not all that vanished, either.  All of the glyphs and a good chunk of my materials for making glyphs have been stolen.  All I currently have is my Tarot cards.

In lighter news, Lucia has dropped by for a visit, and I may need to visit the hospital again to make sure my ribs are intact.  Tony is acting like an idiot, now that he's decided to let other people in, and a Slenderblogger, none the less.

Lucia is currently going glass for glass with Tony in a game of "See how quickly we can drink all of Clark's Zinfandel".  I think as retaliation, I'll let her update Copycat in about five glasses' time.

Deal With the Devil

I am extremely tired after last night, so I will present my day so far with bullet points.

  • No sleep.
  • Released from hospital.
  • Wounds are gone.
  • My magic items are gone, too.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hippocrates' Pride

I am alright, as Tony and my previous post should indicate.  I am currently at the local hospital being treated for the psychotic break I experienced last night as a result of the rush of endorphins that occurred as a result of my current wounds.  Little more to report, though someone seems to have taken a disturbing interest in me.

found him

We found him. Thank God we found him. We looked for him everywhere, from the yard to that stupid lake he's always going to. And the place we find him is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIS FUCKING COMPUTER! I don't even know when the hell he got back here, but when I found him he was sitting all curled up, looking at the screen and bawling, so I look at the screen, and it's just his email. There wasn't even an open message. So I close the laptop and he flips his shit screaming 'Lulu!  Lulu! Don't make me leave Lulu!' I swear to God, this is almost as bad as right after the accident. Anyway, after that I gave him some medicine that the shrinks at the hospital gave me, specifically the red striped pills that could knock an elephant on its ass. It made Clark sit still. Anyway, he keeps looking at his screen like something's gonna happen, so I ask him what's so important and he says 'I want you to tell them my history. Start from as far back as you know.' So I guess that's what I'm here to do.

So the earliest I know about Clark is that he was born and spent the first eleven years of his life in Pennsylvania, and he moved down here to

Clark's telling me not to say where we are. Anyway he moved to HERE and that's when we met, seventh grade science class. We were pretty much friends from day one, and I always loved listening to him talking about magic and old religions and stuff like that. There was also the advantage of being the guy who was best friends with the guy who read fortunes haha. The weird thing was, Clark never really showed any interest in girls back then. I'm not saying he's homosexual or anything, he was just quiet around crowds, and all the girls seemed to like being in crowds. Anyway, I got to meet his parents a lot then, they were about what you'd expect to be as parents of a kid who could convince our science teacher that Tarot cards were legitimate fact-finding tools (funny as hell, by the way). His dad was a lawyer, but not the normal kind, the kind you see on tv who mind-fucks the guy he's going against and always wins. They always used to tell me about a case where he made a guy confess to the crime he committed at the beginning of the case without him noticing it. Apparently, they had to go through the record to make sure it was a confession, and it was.  The guy got the maximum sentence for rape despite the confession (another mind-trick from Jedi-dad).

Then there was his mom, who I always thought of like Ron's mom in Harry Potter, and it's hard to be more literal than that, she was a practicing Wiccan. Or at least that's how she explained it to me, but apparently what she did was a family practice that went way back. And the weird thing was, I could never figure out how she did some of that stuff up till recently.  How do you make your soup ladles and pots and pans hand on the ceiling without hooks or anything? Magnets is how. But she was still really spiritual, so it's easy to tell Clark is his mom's son.

Let's see, we were best buds since seventh grade, and then came freshman year. The year that I swear I had to keep him from killing himself more than I went to the bathroom. Clark had fallen in love. I don't even remember her name anymore, she was pretty enough, ever got to know her, and she hardly knew him. Either way, he obsessed over her, and there were a lot of times I had to knock him off a stool before he could hang himself, and one time I had to pull his stiletto knife out of his neck, that idiot.

Of course that and everything else changed with the crash. Clark's asking for the computer.

Hello, everyone.  I am all right, don't worry.  I was just in a lot of pain from some wounds I got recently, and the chemical that my brain released to try to ease it went to my head, and I know I'm going to owe some of you an apology when I recover fully.  At any rate, I'm supposed to be telling you about the crash.  When I was fifteen, my parents and I were driving to a store, I don't even remember which one because I was listening to music.  It was summer, though, because school hadn't started yet.  The last thing that I remember before everything went wrong was that my mom was acting terrified.  However, she always had a strong sense of precognition, so she probably knew what was about to happen.  My dad swerved the car hard to the right, and the last thing I remember was a loud screech, and then blackness.  I woke up almost a month later in a full body cast, and everything below my navel completely numb.  I was told that I had lost my parents and most of the nerves leading to my lower body.  They said I was lucky to be alive, but at the time, if I could have grabbed a scalpel, I would have ended it there.

After eight months of hospitalization, it was decided that I would be able to return to school.  Of course, school had already been in for several months, but I kept up with the classwork, so I wasn't terribly behind.  But I remember always feeling distracted, like someone was watching me all the time.  Eventually, the paranoia got so bad I attacked someone because they were making fun of me or something along those lines.  I've forgotten.  It as not long afterward that I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I will now pass the laptop back to Tony.

Wow, he covered a lot. So yeah, that pretty much covers everything I think, except for me helping out here at his place and making sure he doesn't hurt himself or anything. He's my friends and I don't want him getting himself into something he'll regret, you know? So I guess whoever you are, Lulu, I guess I have to ask you to help look out for him, too, alright? Clark was really broken up about you for some reason. It's good for him to have a girlfriend, or whatever you two are haha.
What the hell Clark's gone.  The door's open but his cane and walking stick are still here.  If anyone sees him, please contact the police, I'm clling them now
slender man
slander man
wears pink suits as much as he can

slander man slender man
likes to cook up eggs in a pan

slender man
spreay his face with lots of pam

slender man sllendaferman
oh lookiee there hes here hes hrre hiiioi

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aphrodite's Smile

Just a patch of good news and a distraction from the war today.  Tony has gotten a girlfriend for the first time since he started taking care of me.  Her name is Gabriella, and from what I've heard she is a very nice girl.  I wish the best of luck to them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hermes' Parcel

So uh yeah this is Tony.  Clarks askedm e to type this thing up about this rock he got recently and damn notepad's messing me up no freaking spellcheck.  anyway its like big as your head and kinda glowy, but Clark says it's not radioactive so I think it's one of those biolumnescent things.  The weird thing though is how warm iit is  It's like touching a person, but it's just a big red crystal!  Anyway, if whoever reads this is the guy who sent it to Clark, thanks forit. I''m happy hes into something else now, beforehe was just in this stupis internet thing, so thanks I guess.

 ---Tony, describing the Phylactery I still have in my possession.