Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hephaestus and Apollo

Okay, Clark's asking me to put up a post for him.  There's something scary about someone coming out of the study looking like Masky.  Apparently he's been in bullet-time since Lucia left, working.  Seriously, he has shadows all around his eyes.  So, Lu's gone up to PA again for a few days to make it seem like she's still alive to ye olde normals,  and Clark says his eyes feel like they're melting.

So basically what he has to say:  Don't be concerned if I'm not commentinf these next few days, I'm going to be busy working n bullet-time and what I'm working on required my full attention ang planning, but I expect quite a lot of good to come of it.


A. Lucia Cat said...

Clarky, staying in bullet-time will only make it seem longer until I'm back. Please don't wear yourself out. It's so bad for you, and I can't be there to help until Tuesday.

But first thing on Tuesday, please come get me. Jet lag from teleportation be damned. I need to be with you.

Thanks for relaying the messages, Tony. I'll only throw Dairam at you one more time.... >.>

Clark said...

I don't know what he's doing, but every few minutes I hear this hellatious noise, like someone made a hundred clackers out of ball bearings. I tried yelling that he should probably relax out of BT, but he came out long enough to yell some obscenities at me. Several of them involved Dairam, incidentally. I'll leave him be and tell him about Tuesday when he's slept some.


A. Lucia Cat said...

Thanks, man...please do tell him I'm worried sick.

Hey, what can I say? The little fellow is a good threat. XD

Clark said...

Yeah, but based on what Clark was shouting, you'd think he was beter in bed... and kikny as shit.. -_______-