Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Revelations

Alright, I'm about to go get Lu, and hopefully she won't have a chance to read this until after I get her.

First off, exactly what Project Requiem is.  It's a gift for Lucia, an idea that came to me when I happened to glance at the url name of her blog.  For those who can't or won't look, it's "ax crazy sax".  So I had a bit of fun with metal and runes and more than a little craziness and produced a perfectly functional, extremely deadly saxophone-axe hybrid, or as I cal it, the Battlesax.  I hope she likes it.

Next off, and perhaps more direly, Project Lumen.  It has bee known for a time that Ola'asu is bound by being seen, either by human eyes or cameras.  Now, it is common knowledge that vision is light, more or less.  Without light, there is no vision, and when light changes, so does vision.  This led to a theory, and one that has not been tested or even thought of, to my knowledge.  Is he bound by his shadows, too?  Being that seeing his shadow is, in a way, seeing him.  However, safety is a priority, so I will make sure that Ola'asu can be 'seen' at all times.  I will do this by first encircling the house in a physical barrier, one that keeps objects and light from crossing.  Then I will deploy an array of light glyphs, strategically placed so that if anything foreign, in this case, Ola'asu, is present within the dome, its shadow will be cast within view of one of the windows in the living space.  The safety seals on the house will remain, as always.  Then, I will summon him.  I won't say how, however, for obvious reasons.  The whole experiment, assuming it works, will last until the runes die off in around six hours.  I am aware that this endeavor sounds insane, and as though I am risking Tony and Lucia's lives, but I am not.  If my theory is right, Ola'asu should not be able to appear in the house, and if it isn't, then I might be able to fight him off, or that failing, get us all to safety.  We won't be at risk.  That was my highest priority.  I'm sorry Lucia, for not telling you this, but I know you would have tried to stop me, and we simply must know about this thing to kill it.

O lizu wie miru shaun wie cielk rniw.


A. Lucia Cat said...

....dear fucking god.

I'm gonna be the one commenting 'cause Clarky is...not doing well. At all. I'm sitting here staring down the faceless bastard. He's just chilling out there and boy is he mad. I think Clark's project was successful. A bit too much. Motherfucking tree man's not a happy camper.

Clark said...

Haha haha... Figured out his password again... my godh'es just passed the fucjk out


A. Lucia Cat said...

Two hours later and we're still here.

I have a feeling it's really fucking good that I'm exempt from death by Ola'asu, at least....

Tori Francis said...

.... Watch him get bored and come after me -.-"

Clark said...

do you guys have any idea how weirs it is to majke coffee starng at that things face?


Taunted said...

Oh my. Stay strong. I hope he wakes up soon.

What exactly happened?