Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Report 2

Project Lumen:  Complete.  Ready to deploy when Lu returns.

Project Foster:  Tested on the small scale.  Used a miniature Prometheus to test.  Adding finishing touches to full-scale. Will use when Lu returns.

Project Prometheus:  Small scale, non-vocal version worked without flaws, moving on for full-scale, audible variant.

Project Skooma:  Tested.  Confirmed working.  Can perform on Lu's return.

Project Requiem:  Perfected.  Tested in silenced study.  Capable of cutting through low-strength shield rune without problem.  Can finish on Lu's return.

Self-report:  Feeling better.  Miss Lu even more.  Have severed my connection to the Voodoo doll, as it occurred to me that the connection could be abused.  Won't destroy it, however, as Lu likes it.  Realized how much shelf space could be saved if I turned all my tomes into ebooks.  Will begin immediately.


A. Lucia Cat said...

I'll be back on Tuesday, Clarky. First thing Tuesday...

I miss you like no other. It's fucking lonely up here and...I'm not ready to talk to Ryan tonight.

The doll is cute. =) And good luck on that ebook conversion.

Please don't over-bullet-time yourself, Clarky. It'll wear you down.

Phobos said...

Guess who's getting two copies of Skyrim three days early and is sending you one?

Clark said...

He would thank you, but he's getting his the day the code's done! He has connections for stuff lke that. lol