Thursday, September 29, 2011

I promise, Zeus only looks like me

Apparently while I was typing up my post on necromancy, someone slipped in  post, which, I believe, is impossible when I'm on the site itself.  I shall change my password regardless.  I don't recognize the language, either, though it seems to follow a definite syntax.  Might some of you be kind enough to do some research on it?  I am currently too embroiled in my findings in the necromantic arts.  Simply said, I have successfully killed and reanimated several proxies, extracted and contained their souls, and have used their empty bodies to see a location many miles away.  Also, I seem to only need a black cloak and a human skull to complete my current appearance as the archetypal evil warlock.  I promise, my goal and purpose here is to discover a way to harm or kill the Breaks, but the proxies were an attempt, mind you a successful one, to save one of Recurse's own proxies, who has recently been freed.  My work with glyphs has improved as well.  I can send simple warning wards over long distances, as well as my "Puzzle Wall," my own personal protection.

Tony has been watching over me like a mother lion, and just as likely to jump on anything that he sees as 'threatening my 'sanity''.  My legs' necrosis is getting better, though dabbling in magic that meddles with the forces of life and death might have something to do with that.

Otherwise, nothing of note, though I'm considering making a glyph that causes all rapist's genitals to be infected with necrosis.  I'm sure at least one of you will enjoy that imagery.

Science has attempted to disregard death

I am currently exploring a different trend, one that tends to be left out when combating something perceived as evil.  Necromancy, the modern iteration, not divination by corpse, is the path I am going to take to see what I can learn about Ola'asu.  Some of the oldest gods in history are the rulers of death, or the realms thereof.  Hades / Pluto, Set, Hel, Azrael, Yama, Ahriman, and of course the Grim Reaper all tied to the concept of death.  So many gods represent death, so wouldn't it make sense that if there were a way to combat a god, researching death gods would be the way to find it?  That is what I will endeavor to do in the near future.  I will attempt resurrections, reanimation, blood animation, soul removal, and more.  Mind you, I will not become a being worse than that which I am trying to stop in doing this.  There is a rather nasty infestation of snakes in my yard, so I will be attempting most of my experiments on them.  This also has the interesting advantage of solving the age-old question: Do animals have souls?  If I can remove it, then they do.  If not, then I'd need a human subject to know if my method is correct or not.  I will deal with that if and when I encounter it.

Tony seems relieved that I am taking up Necromancy, which should put in perspective how worked up he has been about my involvement with Ola'asu.  Thus, he is helping me, which is good, because a complication came up in the treatment.  My legs have complete mobility now for the first time in four years.  They have also developed necrosis at various injection sites from the treatment.  It was caught early, as an hour before it was noticed there was literally nothing of note, so there should not be any significant damage, but it is disheartening.

Something I just noticed:  The two themes of this post are necromancy and necrosis, both starting with 'necro-,' meaning 'death'.  I hope that the rule of three does not assert itself here.

Bakur Osvoir Lidylum Iyay Hasur

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e op vapemb

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Thor is a little rude

A note of warning to all occult experimenters:  Never combine the Norse runes that spell out 'Thor' with electronics around.

While experimenting four days ago, I discovered that the Norsemen had access to EMP bombs.  By combining the runes that spell out the name Thor, it creates an effect similar to a magnet held close to any nearby electronics.  Everywhere.  This means that I am typing this on a new laptop, any files I was keeping on my other research are gone, including my video of the Recurse.  Now I understand why Marble Hornets was uploaded to YouTube immediately.

But enough about failures, let's reflect on the successes this experiment brought.  I have replicated Slendistortion.  It is the same EMP-like effect that those runes created, and it affected everything I pointed at it (This was prior to the camera frying).  What I had was a circular contained Electromagnetic Pulse.  The only reason it destroyed my electronics was because the paper I had written the runes on ripped, breaking the circle without safely dispersing the magnetism.  The burst then annihilated all electronic devices in my house.  Everything is fixed or replaced now, though, thank goodness.

Also, I have not heard from anyone recently, Runner or Break.  Nothing else to report.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Asenath Waite, such a sweet girl.

Mr. Lovecraft would be proud, for indeed I did come across a thing on the doorstep.  However, rather than the story's variety of thing, this one was more of an it, or rather, an 'It'.  After witnessing it firsthand, I have decided to give it a more descriptive name that 'It'.  I decided on the Recursive Break, as in a broken Break.  Recurse for short.

At ay rate, the Recurse appeared appeared outside my door, almost as though it were a human stopping in for a visit, though in all fairness, that could have been what he was doing.  It didn't appear wounded, though fast regeneration might be the cause of that.  Another thing I noticed was that his suit does not appear to be actual clothing as Ola'asu's does, but rather a mucous-like coating.  If I had to compare it to something, I would choose the Spiderman villain that was also spider-themed, but black.  Curse me that I can't remember the name.

At any rate, Recurse never made it past the exterior of my home, though he made a point of making an admirable attempt to either draw mw out, or make me laugh so hard I'd be defenseless to any form of attack.  To clarify, Recurse seemed to be enacting a one-man Three Stooges routine, complete with those arthritic tentacles knocking each other about.  I was honestly wondering if someone at Sandra's had slipped him some form of narcotic (Yet another thing to research.  I must start outsourcing my experiments.)

After these antics ceased, he began to be more direct, standing not so much at my window as trying to get the screen to leave marks on it's non-face.  I think it was trying to cause some form of fright, so I put on a horror movie (The Silent Hill movie, actually.).  I must say, it was curious, enjoying a movie while Recurse was looking, not so much over my shoulder, but past my right arm.  I even asked his opinion afterwards, but he left after the movie ended.  What he may or may not have realized is that I had a camera trained on him the whole time, a handy advantage of having a webcam on your computer.

Upon reviewing the video, with the movie synced alongside it, something interesting came to my attention.  All the scenes depicting the monster Pyramid Head (who, for non-fans, is a slower, more focused, and more direct version of Ola'asu.) were crystal clear.  No static, no video tearing, no audio corruption.  I had feature-movie quality video of Recurse staring in my window for those scenes.  And something even more interesting occurred to me as I watched this.  Recurse's stature, body language, everything except the face, obviously, showed fear.

Head tilted away from the screen, shoulders tucked toward the body, body hunched slightly.  Recurse was showing every available indication of fear on a human level, all to a movie monster.  As with all things, this warrants investigation.

In non-Eldritch related news, Tony is at his parent's for now, my mobility has improved to the point that I can walk to the lake near my house, and before you ask, yes, I live in the middle of a huge forest, and yes, I take those walks at night, and yes, alone.  What else could you possibly expect when Ola'asu is involved?  Jokes aside, however, It is nice to be able to stand up from my computer chair and get my favorite snacks without a cane again.  Peanut butter on toast is such a stress reliever.

I do believe Tony had a good idea in me making this blog.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

If Loki hides, he still exists

You know, there's something satisfying about causing distress to something that hurt some of my comrades-in-arms recently.

Perhaps I should explain.  Two hours ago, the being known as "///It///", attacked Lya and companies' base.  Upon catching word of this, I decided to attempt a little experiment I've had sitting in my pocket.  Mind you, it was nothing large.  If it did work, it had about as much effect as a gusty day has on a bow and arrow.  That said, though, the end result is promising in some ways, and terrifying in others.  Actually, a thought just occurred to me.  I need to confirm something, and I may need to apologize to Sandra.

In other news, I have a headache from reading both Kanji, Roman, and Futhark for the last three hours, Tony is going to be home for a while, and I'm on a new treatment to increase my mobility.

Good day to you all.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

If Poseidon only knew how much I loved the rain

Humorous.  The phenomena known as 'Slendistortion' has found its way into my everyday life.  It is rather rude to ruin the DVD I made for Tony, though.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Holy shit you guys, what the fuck?  So this is what Clark's been doing with this blog! You idiots had to go and get him al wrapped up in this sick little game of yours, and now he's seeing things.  Wanna know a damn little secret? HE"S OFF HIS GODDAMN MEDS BECAUSE HES SO BUSY READING YOUR LITTLE MAKE BELIEVE STORIES!!!!  And now he's seeing that slender thing because YOU HAD TO CONVINCE HIM ITS REAL!  Shit I'm gonna contact blogger and see if i can get your damn LARPing session offa here!


Hades trembles before the gods of this world

Well, I must say that this has been an interesting experience.  After all, how often do you see a god standing outside your window, and have a rather pleasant chat with him?  Especially a Break, or rather the Break.  I must say that if you have the patience for it, he is quite the conversationalist.  Oh, I should clarify who I'm talking about, though anyone who is actually reading this probably can guess.

By his own request, I call him Ola'asu, pronounced "Olawasu".  Some of you might know him as the "Slender Man," however.  I noticed he was watching me while I was experimenting with Norse runes, keying various combinations to produce an effect.  Perhaps it helped that the motion-sensor light outside flicked on, perhaps because Ola'asu activated it?  At any rate, knowing his reputation, I prepared myself as best I could and rolled myself over to the window to see what he wanted.  I have to say, his voice is interesting, assuming it is a voice at all.  Something like an extremely poor recording of Brian Blessed on fast forward.  Here's how our conversation went.

Ola'asu:  Kark.
Myself:  Pardon?  What is a kark?
O:  One of two.
M:  One of two?  Ah, 'Kark,' Clark, I see.  So you seem to be the Break I've been studying recently?
O:  You see me.
M:  A 'perhaps' then.  What would you like of me, then?  My body in a tree?  My head left on a doorstep, possibly Sandra's?
-Here, Ola'asu looked about fit to tear my walls down to have a chance to kill me.-
M:  I joke, I joke.  Actually, I have some questions for you.
-Ola'asu looked at me curiously.  H(a)unting's tips on how to deal with him seem to work well, but I think my jaunty attitude and request for what amounts to an interview was a little offsetting to him.-
O:  No rest.  -He began thrashing the air in front of him violently, apparently indicating that he wanted me in the middle of them.-

Then, he set off. I came here to record the incident, though the actual posting time will be delayed, as I want to spend as much time as possible researching what I gathered from our short conversation.  However, I will record everything I find on a new post here as I come upon it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I saw a god the other day

Well, I've noticed that Tony has seen fit to access my blog, going against the inherent meaning of a 'personal' blog, and let loose the knowledge of my problem long before I wanted it to be known.  Allow me to take this opportunity to say that I am far from a gibbering moron, or the straight-coat sporting lunatics that cinema is so fond of showcasing.  Rather, what few hallucinations I do have are limited to mild discrepancies, such as a hummingbird where there is none, or a tree with a head.  Of course, not being an idiot, I receive treatment for it, and never experience these illusions.  However, this is all idle speech, I am going to move on with my theories.

While I was recently at the hospital for my legs, trying to increase their functionality, I had a fair parcel of time with which to think.  I have mentioned before how in my own wording, 'gods' is little more than an expression for those strange and, as I phrased it recently on another of these blogs, eldritch beings that surpass human understanding in such a way that we have no other way to describe them than to call them deities.  Such figures have appeared, literally, in numerous cultures.  For example, there are the oriental dragons who passed on the gift of literacy to man, and the Greek titan Prometheus, who gave mankind the divine gift of fire.  Of course, there are so many such examples of divine beings that surpass human comprehension, that some could argue that all that makes mankind, from our intelligence to our social structures to our thumbs are all things gained from gods.  Of course, there are many examples of things being stolen from gods as well, but these are normally thefts of knowledge, rather than thefts of form.  However, it only makes sense that if our bodily forms were given to us as parts of godly forms, then we can take a godly form as well.  It seems theoretically possible to take the physical form of one of these strange gods, the only question would be how, or what god to choose.

Of course, this is all theory, and one would have to find and contain some such god for an extended length of time.  Not to say there aren't reports of such.