Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I saw a god the other day

Well, I've noticed that Tony has seen fit to access my blog, going against the inherent meaning of a 'personal' blog, and let loose the knowledge of my problem long before I wanted it to be known.  Allow me to take this opportunity to say that I am far from a gibbering moron, or the straight-coat sporting lunatics that cinema is so fond of showcasing.  Rather, what few hallucinations I do have are limited to mild discrepancies, such as a hummingbird where there is none, or a tree with a head.  Of course, not being an idiot, I receive treatment for it, and never experience these illusions.  However, this is all idle speech, I am going to move on with my theories.

While I was recently at the hospital for my legs, trying to increase their functionality, I had a fair parcel of time with which to think.  I have mentioned before how in my own wording, 'gods' is little more than an expression for those strange and, as I phrased it recently on another of these blogs, eldritch beings that surpass human understanding in such a way that we have no other way to describe them than to call them deities.  Such figures have appeared, literally, in numerous cultures.  For example, there are the oriental dragons who passed on the gift of literacy to man, and the Greek titan Prometheus, who gave mankind the divine gift of fire.  Of course, there are so many such examples of divine beings that surpass human comprehension, that some could argue that all that makes mankind, from our intelligence to our social structures to our thumbs are all things gained from gods.  Of course, there are many examples of things being stolen from gods as well, but these are normally thefts of knowledge, rather than thefts of form.  However, it only makes sense that if our bodily forms were given to us as parts of godly forms, then we can take a godly form as well.  It seems theoretically possible to take the physical form of one of these strange gods, the only question would be how, or what god to choose.

Of course, this is all theory, and one would have to find and contain some such god for an extended length of time.  Not to say there aren't reports of such.

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