Sunday, September 18, 2011

If Loki hides, he still exists

You know, there's something satisfying about causing distress to something that hurt some of my comrades-in-arms recently.

Perhaps I should explain.  Two hours ago, the being known as "///It///", attacked Lya and companies' base.  Upon catching word of this, I decided to attempt a little experiment I've had sitting in my pocket.  Mind you, it was nothing large.  If it did work, it had about as much effect as a gusty day has on a bow and arrow.  That said, though, the end result is promising in some ways, and terrifying in others.  Actually, a thought just occurred to me.  I need to confirm something, and I may need to apologize to Sandra.

In other news, I have a headache from reading both Kanji, Roman, and Futhark for the last three hours, Tony is going to be home for a while, and I'm on a new treatment to increase my mobility.

Good day to you all.


Stumpy said...

Hey there Clark. It's Albus. I can't tell you where im at, but i have a question. Would an explosion be sufficient to kill or maim a break? Im sure it depends on which one, but im certain you know who im talking about.

Got to run, proxies have been hounding me all day.

Clark said...

Sandra's raised a similar question with me. As far as we know, Only one Break can hurt another, but I haven't seen any reports of explosives used against one. As far as we've seen, Rake would be most likely to be hurt by anything a human could wield against it, but I think Rake is a non-threat right now. It's worth testing, so long as you can avoid civilian injury, and for that matter, if Ola'asu could use grenades against 'It'. Also, if you know any proxies that have enough presence of mind to contact people on here, direct them to me. I'd be more than willing to chat with them, and from what I've seen, some of them are quite good conversationalists.

Clark said...

Ah, I noticed a possible misinterpretation. My first sentence should read "The situation with Sandra has raised a similar question with me." My apologies for that.