Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hades trembles before the gods of this world

Well, I must say that this has been an interesting experience.  After all, how often do you see a god standing outside your window, and have a rather pleasant chat with him?  Especially a Break, or rather the Break.  I must say that if you have the patience for it, he is quite the conversationalist.  Oh, I should clarify who I'm talking about, though anyone who is actually reading this probably can guess.

By his own request, I call him Ola'asu, pronounced "Olawasu".  Some of you might know him as the "Slender Man," however.  I noticed he was watching me while I was experimenting with Norse runes, keying various combinations to produce an effect.  Perhaps it helped that the motion-sensor light outside flicked on, perhaps because Ola'asu activated it?  At any rate, knowing his reputation, I prepared myself as best I could and rolled myself over to the window to see what he wanted.  I have to say, his voice is interesting, assuming it is a voice at all.  Something like an extremely poor recording of Brian Blessed on fast forward.  Here's how our conversation went.

Ola'asu:  Kark.
Myself:  Pardon?  What is a kark?
O:  One of two.
M:  One of two?  Ah, 'Kark,' Clark, I see.  So you seem to be the Break I've been studying recently?
O:  You see me.
M:  A 'perhaps' then.  What would you like of me, then?  My body in a tree?  My head left on a doorstep, possibly Sandra's?
-Here, Ola'asu looked about fit to tear my walls down to have a chance to kill me.-
M:  I joke, I joke.  Actually, I have some questions for you.
-Ola'asu looked at me curiously.  H(a)unting's tips on how to deal with him seem to work well, but I think my jaunty attitude and request for what amounts to an interview was a little offsetting to him.-
O:  No rest.  -He began thrashing the air in front of him violently, apparently indicating that he wanted me in the middle of them.-

Then, he set off. I came here to record the incident, though the actual posting time will be delayed, as I want to spend as much time as possible researching what I gathered from our short conversation.  However, I will record everything I find on a new post here as I come upon it.

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