Thursday, September 29, 2011

I promise, Zeus only looks like me

Apparently while I was typing up my post on necromancy, someone slipped in  post, which, I believe, is impossible when I'm on the site itself.  I shall change my password regardless.  I don't recognize the language, either, though it seems to follow a definite syntax.  Might some of you be kind enough to do some research on it?  I am currently too embroiled in my findings in the necromantic arts.  Simply said, I have successfully killed and reanimated several proxies, extracted and contained their souls, and have used their empty bodies to see a location many miles away.  Also, I seem to only need a black cloak and a human skull to complete my current appearance as the archetypal evil warlock.  I promise, my goal and purpose here is to discover a way to harm or kill the Breaks, but the proxies were an attempt, mind you a successful one, to save one of Recurse's own proxies, who has recently been freed.  My work with glyphs has improved as well.  I can send simple warning wards over long distances, as well as my "Puzzle Wall," my own personal protection.

Tony has been watching over me like a mother lion, and just as likely to jump on anything that he sees as 'threatening my 'sanity''.  My legs' necrosis is getting better, though dabbling in magic that meddles with the forces of life and death might have something to do with that.

Otherwise, nothing of note, though I'm considering making a glyph that causes all rapist's genitals to be infected with necrosis.  I'm sure at least one of you will enjoy that imagery.


Clark said...

All-Father, save me. He was right there. Right there. He's much more terrifying up close.

Stumpy said...

What happened Clark?!?!?
Was it ///It///?!?!

Alright, we are going to come to you.
If Tony objects, then tell him we can provide some protection.
We can't just be isolated anymore. We need to get together, and stay together.

Where are you Clark?

-Rose & Theo

Clark said...

It's all right, I'm all right. Basically Ola'asu showed up while I was taking a short walk. I know it was Ola'asu because it's jacket lapels were white, meaning it can change clothes, and the only other Break that has definable clothes is Oliver, who is with Prophet. At first, though, I thought it could have been Recurse, and I was not going to wait to find out. That said, I'm alright, though I want to know why Ola'asu appeared here, now.

Stumpy said...

We are still coming. Can you at least give us a state? We are to tired to fend off these Proxies. We need a haven.


Clark said...

The best place I can give you that I have any kind of protective influence over is central Tennessee. Reading up on ancient Rome will help you find the area, but I'm not saying anything too specific, or it won't be a haven. Also, when you find it, don't touch it. Think extra-crispy-Runner. Also, it would give me a migraine. Also locate Prophet and Oliver, they should be in on this too.

arbiter.tangent said...

I want to make a personal request. I want Tony to make a post, stating that you have succeeded at necromancy, if only to have an independent verification. Only then will I believe you. However, if it is true, than I applaud your ability to find this unique knowledge.

Clark said...

Well, to be fair, he doesn't know. My successes were out of sight from him, though I could ask him to tell you about a crystal I have, it being the soul of a proxy. Would that suffice, given that it is obviously not a normal stone?

Clark said...

Arbiter? Are you there?

arbiter.tangent said...

Sorry about that. Had to go clean up some blood. Yeah, that'll work.

Clark said...

I'll have to ask him tomorrow. He's gone home for the day.


Oliver is interesting. Oh, i survived by the way.

But i am not sure exactly WHAT it is that i survived.

It was not the rake, but it was similar, albeit a bit bigger and stockier.

It may have been some sort of possessed bear-type thing.

Either way, Oliver (A new name perhaps, it does not quite fit him.) killed it, before it could attack me. I don't know what this means. Perhaps it is useful to you in some way?


Clark said...

He seems to be friendly to humans, or at least has a form of bonding attachment like ducklings have. As for a name, the most I know is that he seems child-like and peaceful, so I named him after the Olive branch and a childlike monster called Olivander.