Sunday, October 23, 2011

Project Report 1

Project Lumen:  48 of 50 glyphs complete, X glyph ready to deploy.

Project Foster:  Glyphs halfway done, might be able to expand with time.

Project Prometheus:  Possible, must test.  Will use in conjunction with Foster.

Project Skooma:  Unsure.  Need to test on another of the same species.

Project Requiem:  Almost complete, needs fine-tuned.

Self-report:  Extremely tired.  Need to sleep soon.  Missing Lulu.  Hope she likes Requiem.  Feel like hurting Tony for no reason.  May send him to get test subject for Skooma.  Eyes losing focus.  Feeling nauseous.  Will sleep, then return to Lumen.  Considering remaking X glyph to Hornet option.


Phobos said...

I would hope you'll use me as a test subject for Project Skooma.

Clark said...

Whoa, what the hell? Dammit, Clark, you'rekilling yourself! AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN FETCH A TEST SUBJECT?

arbiter.tangent said...

I can think of one place I've heard of skooma, and it was a very powerfull drug. Also did stuff to speed you up. Not sure why clark would need either of those. anyone know what his skooma project is for sure?

Clark said...

Either it's meaningful in some way, or it's completely random to throw us off.

Also, it was the Elder Scrolls games. Clark used to play them constantly. He's pretty rabid about Skyrim whenever he isn't hair-deep in runes.