Sunday, October 30, 2011

Craving Answers

We still haven't done more than tour the pocket home, but Lucia was ecstatic upon seeing it.

I'm only awake right now because of a nightmare I had.  It was the night I lost my parents in the same, horrifying detail as when it happened.  My mother screaming in fear before anything happened, my father shouting and swerving to the right, the car being shredded to pieces, and my legs ceasing to feel at all.  I think I may go for a little bit of self exploration in my dreams.  Something like Tom Riddle's journal, but more for my own curiosity. I will attempt to communicate what I find after I wake up.  Lucia, because I know you'll read this, just expect me to wake up around noon.  I haven't slept very soundly.  I hope that examining that dream will help it.

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