Monday, September 26, 2011

Thor is a little rude

A note of warning to all occult experimenters:  Never combine the Norse runes that spell out 'Thor' with electronics around.

While experimenting four days ago, I discovered that the Norsemen had access to EMP bombs.  By combining the runes that spell out the name Thor, it creates an effect similar to a magnet held close to any nearby electronics.  Everywhere.  This means that I am typing this on a new laptop, any files I was keeping on my other research are gone, including my video of the Recurse.  Now I understand why Marble Hornets was uploaded to YouTube immediately.

But enough about failures, let's reflect on the successes this experiment brought.  I have replicated Slendistortion.  It is the same EMP-like effect that those runes created, and it affected everything I pointed at it (This was prior to the camera frying).  What I had was a circular contained Electromagnetic Pulse.  The only reason it destroyed my electronics was because the paper I had written the runes on ripped, breaking the circle without safely dispersing the magnetism.  The burst then annihilated all electronic devices in my house.  Everything is fixed or replaced now, though, thank goodness.

Also, I have not heard from anyone recently, Runner or Break.  Nothing else to report.


gpowell71 said...

That theory seems a bit out there, but it make a good bit of sense. It would at least explain why the god of thunder is Thor.

Clark said...

Actually, because Futhark are Norse runes, and Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightning, it is the reverse. The runes evoke Thor's power because of his name, not Thor being named after the runes that evoke his power. Though I suppose that depends on which really came first, but I assume that all gods exist.

arbiter.tangent said...

I found the title oddly appropriate, especially because Thor was portrayed as kind of a dick.

Clark said...

Well, I have studied Norse legends, among other cultures, so when an electromagnetic pulse essentially destroyed my computer and all the data therein, Thor came to mind.

A. Lucia Cat said...

...that's pretty fascinating. Do you do experiments like this often?

Oh! Hello, Clark. Formal introduction-- I'm Lucia, the one who's been following you since the beginning. I'm coming off of....hiatus, and I'm running around making myself known to people who's stories I'm following. And yours is quite unique!

Clark said...

Ah, so you're the mystery follower I could never account for. Blogger seems to have a flaw that prevents me from seeing who is following me. Yes, I am always doing experiments such as this, at least as much as my body will allow. Actually, I've been doing this long before I created this blog, and long before I met Ola'asu and Recurse, but this is the most progress I've ever made. I notice that you seem to be a fellow combatant, and I will be reading up on your blog after I've finished typing this. Might I ask, however, why you have the strange emphasis before the word "hiatus"? It seems rather ominous. I thank you for calling my story unique, but it is only what I have experienced, which I suppose means it must inherently be different. I am rambling, however, and I should stop now, I hope we can work together in the future.