Monday, January 16, 2012

Some kind of nostalgia

One day has never been this long for another one, and yet it already has been two months since I have left.

Yesterday I took some time to read my old posts, remember what I was like back then.  It's been too long.

I found something from the incident when I accidentally created an electric burst.

Too long...

A. Lucia Cat said...
...that's pretty fascinating. Do you do experiments like this often? Oh! Hello, Clark. Formal introduction-- I'm Lucia, the one who's been following you since the beginning. I'm coming off of....hiatus, and I'm running around making myself known to people who's stories I'm following. And yours is quite unique!
Clark said...
Ah, so you're the mystery follower I could never account for. Blogger seems to have a flaw that prevents me from seeing who is following me. Yes, I am always doing experiments such as this, at least as much as my body will allow. Actually, I've been doing this long before I created this blog, and long before I met Ola'asu and Recurse, but this is the most progress I've ever made. I notice that you seem to be a fellow combatant, and I will be reading up on your blog after I've finished typing this. Might I ask, however, why you have the strange emphasis before the word "hiatus"? It seems rather ominous. I thank you for calling my story unique, but it is only what I have experienced, which I suppose means it must inherently be different. I am rambling, however, and I should stop now, I hope we can work together in the future.