Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Lucia has been seeing a prowling Proxy out in the backyard who's been smart enough to avoid the various rune traps I have set up.  She hadn't told me.  The worst part is it looks like the late Ren.

Even more to the point, the Proxy's glasses looked like Ren's, so I took it upon myself to go see if the glasses were still in Pennsylvania where she left them.

I went.

I didn't like what I saw.

The glasses weren't there.  Instead, carved where the glasses should have been was "LⓍki has eyes"

I know the phrase that came from.  Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Norse mythology does.

Loki has eyes in the forest.

Written with the Operator Symbol.  I can only guess this meas that Ola'asu is in the forest, or a mass of Proxies.  I'm back with Lucia and Tony now.  We're preparing for all Helheim to break loose.


arbiter.tangent said...

any idea where? Need to work out some agreswion, hitting proxies sounds fun. oh god why can't i stop shaking

Clark said...

In order, the fifty-plus square miles that is also my backyard, and I'd suggest getting the shaking checked out, Arbiter.

Ryan said...

Clark. What happened? Won't one of you say something? Did you all make it out in time?

Or are you dead?

I wouldn't mind if you died, personally.

arbiter.tangent said...

That's... disturbingly candid.