Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Occurrences

Lucia is asleep now, bless her.  We've all been bone tired for some reason, even though it's been quiet.

Lucia was so quiet that she fell asleep holding her phone, so I plugged it in for her.  I noticed the picture she was looking at.

At  first I had thought we had posed for a picture that I hadn't remembered taking, but then I saw the glasses. They were the same ones she kept with her for so long, perched on the face of my Doppelg√§nger. I realized that it must have been Ren there, staring back at me with my face.  Our faces are so similar, it was quite jarring.

I don't think I have any reason to take offense, though.  I honestly don't think she knows.  Obviously, I am bringing it to her attention, but I'm not angry.  If anything, I'm more amused by it.

In other news, Tony's happy with the finished product.  If is, as he called it, his "Proxy Masher," quite literally a glove that I have runed to multiply any momentum upon impact with an object above a certain amount.  Simply put, when he punches something, it pushes several times harder than he does.

The Promethean has asked me for permission to leave Foster, which I am granting, on the condition that he does come back before night.  I'll give him illusions to appear as a human, though, so nothing occurs unseemly.

As for Lucia, other than what was mentioned before, on our trip into the city, she bought a miniature bobcat figurine, that I think I might try some new glyphs I've been experimenting on.  Don't worry, it will not be anything dangerous or intrusive, but I think she will enjoy it.

I seem to be developing a habit of spoiling her...  Oh dear...

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