Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm not sure I can do this anymore

I can't even find time to type even with my sped up perception of time.  Things have been... bad since Tony and I arrived at our destination yesterday.

When we arrived at her house, the door was closed, but the hinges and latch were shattered, meaning that the door had been broken in and replaced.  We carefully pushed the door inward, and that's when we heard something, like a low, strained hum.  Thanks to Tony and my respective horror media, we both recognized it as muffled screaming, and it was on the same floor we were on.  Obviously, we didn't delay in running toward the source.

You see, I had visited her house once before, because the dear had asked to meet the person Tony was such a good friend to take care of.  Her first floor is a large rectangular loop, with a living room, kitchen, and dining room all open to each other with the stairs and bathroom in the middle of the house, like this:

Thus the sound had to be coming from the dining room.  Tony went left through the kitchen and I went through the living room, to catch whatever was there off guard.  When I ran past the couch by the stairs, there was a Proxy, looking in the direction Tony would come from.  I dispatched him quickly.  Then Tony made it around the corner, and tripped on something.  That's when I took in the scene in the dining room.

Her head was hanging upside down from the ceiling from her esophagus like some sick pendulum, skin flayed off her face in the design of one of those masks they wear.  Her stomach was impaled on one of the chandelier's arms, and her intestines led under the garbage can by the back door, under Tony's foot, and into the kitchen.  Then I knew what Tony tripped on.

I saw the rest of the body on the table, and I shifted time to get a blanket from the bedroom to cover it.  Tony didn't need to see that.  There was no way I could hide that head from him in time though.

Tony's reaction... was understandable.  I've only gone into as much detail as I have on her body so I could avoid describing his reaction.  Understandable is as far as I'm willing to go.

We're home now, Lucia is trying to comfort Tony, and I'm in the forge designing something for Tony.  He wants a glyph that multiplies force when something touches it.  I'm not sure what for, but... this has been a bad day...


Clark said...

Her name was Gabby you asshole! GABRIELLA! It isn't that har d to type!

Clark said...


Anonymous said...

yea. when you see and experience shit like this, it just makes life less and less valuable.

atleast, its done that to me. i wish you guys luck,