Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Mausoleum of Sand

Hey guys, this is Tony, posting because Clark is unusually glued to the ps2 right now.  It's the first time in a whiel he's just plain relaxed and had fun, though so I'm not complaining.  What game is he playing you assk?  Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5.  Yes, our ps2 plays improts, BITCHES! And yes, Clark is glued to the game of what he calls 'the least refined anime in exisance'.  And yet, there he is, ripping me a new one with Tayuya / Gaara / Yellow Flash / everyone he plays as. Oh, the title? whenever he play's Gaara, he shouts 'Sand Coffin' over and over. and over. I'm prety sure he's making a real life version oustide, actually.  Goddammit, Clark.


A. Lucia Cat said...

Lesson of the day, boys and girls:

When your comrade obtains god-like powers, keep him far away from Naruto stuff.

Stumpy said...

Hey guys. How are you?