Friday, June 22, 2012

An Impersonal Post

I realize that my observations on the Rakechildren is rather late, but what I lack in promptness, I make up for in information.

The first thing I noticed was that, aside from their monstrous appearance, they're more human than quite a number of full humans I've met.  Their community seems to be arranged similarly to a wolf pack, with an Alpha leading them.  Until recently, Tony was this particular pack's Alpha.

Watching them, I see that their powers can develop differently, taking on different traits of the Rake at different rates.  Some of them are still very human in appearance, with their only difference being the eyes, or the pale skin.  Others are more Rakelike in appearance with only their original eyes or mouth.  But so far, I've seen none that have transformed completely into a Rake.

Moreso, no matter how transformed they are, they all keep their mentality.  Were you unable to see them, you would think that they were unchanged humans (Some of which have difficulty speaking in normal tones.).

Listening on their conversations gave me a sense of the horror that transpired on the night of Tony's death.

"I'm still hurting from that entire mess."  This one sported minor burns, from what looked like a flamethrower, or some other flame-spewing apparatus.

"We all are. At least you don't have an impacted skull."  This one was one of the more transformed Children, also having an impressive set of claws, and an equally impressive gash on his head.  He seemed to have a powerful regenerative ability, though, as the injury seemed to heal itself over the next several days.

"I don't understand why we were even there to begin with."  This was a human-type Child, being completely passable as a human, except that he was unusually pale.  He went on the become the next Alpha after the pack recovered.

"Goddamn Tony and his goddamn vendetta. He got so many good Children killed."  This confirmed my suspicions that Tony died attacking the Proxies in his misguided hate, and seemed to speak volumes about him as a leader.

"I hate living in fear like this."  This caught me by surprise.  At this point in time, Tony had just died.  Unless something else happened, there was no reason for them to live in fear.  The Children live peacefully.  The only violence I've seen them perform was to protect one of their younger members from a misguided mugging attempt (A note here, all the children among them are orphans or other children in need of a home.), and they're extremely secretive.

"I still have nightmares about the fire."  This one... was painful to see.  When I first saw him, his entire body was burnt.  Almost no patch of skin was spared.  His fingers weren't even the bone claws fighting-oriented Children have.  I spent the next few nights using my magic for the first time in years to heal him.  His burns are much better now, but I doubt he'll ever heal completely.

"I keep waking up and thinking the house is on fire again. We lost so many good Children, brothers and boys."  This one was older than the others, about 50, and he carried himself like a soldier, and seemed to be the Children's combat trainer.

"Kids, though....the firebringer must be nothing but ice on the inside. He kills horrifically....indiscriminately. On his own will."  This one was female, another rarity in the Children, though that might just be rare in this particular pack.  From what I gathered in the days after, she was something like a den mother to the Children, but she still had some wounds from the fight.  Apparently Tony had dragged her along as well.  Poor girl wasn't suited for combat.

I left my roost some several days ago to record what I've seen on paper and to type this up.  That way I can refer to my notes if I can't access the internet.  Other than that, no more news.