Thursday, April 26, 2012


Clark again.

I've been traveling again, doing some studying, or rather continuing what I have been for the last... nearly five months.  My research has involved various stories, of people showing alternate forms, personalities that function well beyond the abilities of a dissociative personalty should be able to.  My findings have come to one conclusion, though it's a simple theory, and one that I cannot confirm anymore.

I suppose I should be somewhat of a pain and explain the process behind it first.

Slender Man, as we know, brings out highly psychotic tendencies in people, even his followers.  His stalking normally causes paranoia, but often causes other mental instabilities, including the possibility of a personality split.  Now, applying that logic to someone who already has a disorder that exhibits alternate personalities, and him affecting each personality, the possibility that one or more personalities could have unforeseen developments is honestly one-hundred to one.

To summarize my point, I believe that Lucia's exposure, however small, to Slender Man, has agitated her preexisting schizophrenia and spawned the creature we know as Fear.  Slender Man stirred Lucia's mental condition and produced something altogether worse.

This makes me wonder, how have other people with similar conditions reacted to Slender Man's influence?